Organic Tick & Mosquito Control: 


We provide 7 Organic Tick & Mosquito visits which are timed out 3-4 weeks apart. Unlike any of our competitors, we treat both insects for 1 low price.


​We use natural essential oils that are safe for pets and children so that there are no concerns for harmful pesticides or toxins.

Organic Tick & Mosquito Plus:

This program adds FOUR more applications from June-September. This is reserved for the most challenging mosquito areas here on The Cape!

Let us know if you want this cutting edge new program! 

This organic application kills and repels Ticks & Mosquitoes on your entire property. During the warmer months frequency is increased in order to combat Mosquitoes more effectively. 

Tick and Mosquito repellent on cape cod

Organic Perimeter Pest:


This application consists of 6 visits timed out approximately 4 weeks apart. 

Complete Lawn Care Program:

A comprehensive 6applications done in 5 visis. The program consisting of all necessary fertilizations, weed & crabgrass controls, grub controls, and pH corrections.

We are a bee frendly company