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Ticks & Mosquitoes: Common Disease and Illnesses

Nobody likes an infestation of mosquitoes or ticks in their yard. The bugs offer irritation from noise to biting and generally frustrate all who encounter them. It’s easy to think of these as minor pests, though. There’s no need to worry or spend money on tick and mosquito spray simply because you hate buzzing or bites.

Unfortunately, these pests offer more than an irritation. With a wide range of diseases, they make contacting a Cape Cod mosquito control specialist necessary to spray your home with pet-friendly mosquito yard spray to address the problem. These dangerous illnesses are a threat to public health which makes the elimination of the pests a must. These are just some of the many diseases and conditions linked to ticks and mosquitoes.

Lyme Disease

The most classic disease associated with ticks, Lyme Disease is one of the most dangerous threats related to pests. The condition is most common in black-legged ticks across the northeastern and midwestern parts of the country. Lyme Disease manifests as fever, headache, fatigue, and a rash unique to the disease. The virus is easy to treat with antibiotics if spotted early but left untreated will spread to the nervous system and heart. The condition is a severe danger, making the elimination of ticks through safe methods such as pet-friendly mosquito yard spray vital to your safety.

Zika Virus

First appearing in the United States in 2015, the Zika virus spreads mainly through infected Aedes mosquitoes. The virus is one of the milder viruses, with only one in five people infected showing symptoms. The virus rarely leads to hospitalization. Still, the experience of Zika is far from fun. Rashes, fever, joint pain, and conjunctivitis are all symptoms of Zika. The virus is an important reason to use tick and mosquito spray services to clear your yard.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

A bacterial disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, appears across the United States. Three species of tick carry the condition: The American Dog tick, the Brown Dog tick, and the Rocky Mountain Wood tick. The disease has several painful symptoms, including fever, nausea, and vomiting. Within 2-4 days of contracting the virus, virtually all patients develop a rash. As the signs of the virus resemble other illnesses, it’s essential to seek help early if bitten by a tick, as the virus is treatable with antibiotics if detected rapidly. Untreated, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a life-threatening illness. You must take it seriously.

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus has been a concern since it first appeared in the United States. The mosquito-borne virus also offers relatively few symptoms, with eight out of ten infected people completely asymptomatic. However, the disease is a severe threat to those who do experience symptoms. The virus can manifest as deadly neuroinvasive diseases such as meningitis or encephalitis. Symptoms include headache, body pains, vomiting, diarrhea, and joint pains. People over 60 and those already experiencing severe health conditions are most at risk. The virus is worth taking seriously for these reasons.


The Lone Star and black-legged ticks are the most common carriers for Ehrlichiosis. This lesser-known disease is caused by Ehrlichia chaffeensis, which appears most commonly across the east coast but reaches into Texas. Within the first five days of transmission, symptoms such as fever, chills, nausea, and confusion appear. These symptoms are usually mild to moderate. If left untreated, the disease can progress to respiratory failure, organ failure, and even death. With the antibiotic doxycycline, the illness is treatable.


Encephalitis is perhaps the most common of all pest-borne viruses. The virus appears in multiple forms, including one specific to ticks in the United States. Encephalitis is a condition caused primarily by viruses but can also have a bacterial cause. Encephalitis is a swelling of the brain. It can be both mild or severe, generally resembling the flu in mild cases. For those cases, fluids, bed rest, and a pain reliever will do the trick. In chronic cases, a severe headache, sudden vomiting, and confusion appear, in which one may need hospitalization and treatment with oral and intravenous medication. Encephalitis patients can even require physical and speech therapy following the illness. With its frequency, encephalitis is an excellent reason to seek Cape Cod mosquito control.

All of these are viruses that appear throughout the United States. It’s crucial to understand that different regions have different viruses. If you’re traveling, be cognizant of the viruses in these regions. Also, exercise caution when dealing with people who have traveled to areas where Dengue Fever and Malaria are common.

With proper treatment, none of these viruses and diseases have to be fatal. Stay alert and on guard. Early detection will prevent worsening illness.

Still, the best prevention is eliminating the problem with tick and mosquito spray. That’s where the experts at The Yard Gard come into play. We’re leaders in Cape Cod mosquito control who specialize in destroying any pests with exoskeletons. Our pet-friendly mosquito yard spray is safe and effective. We’re proud to specialize in using organic chemicals to avoid undue harm from harsh chemicals. You can trust us to take care of all of your lawn’s needs. Contact us today to see how we can serve you in the Cape Cod area.

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