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6 Signs of a Mosquito Infestation in Your Yard

Around the United States, there are more than 200 different kinds of mosquitoes. Although about a dozen of these species can cause health problems, many others can cause a lot of annoyance.

Many people don't realize they have a mosquito infestation until it has developed to maturity. At that point, it can be much more difficult to manage.

However, knowing how to recognize the signs of a mosquito infestation in your yard can help you take action before it is too late. So how do you know if you have a developing mosquito infestation on your hands? Read on to learn about the signs that mosquitoes are infesting your yard.

1. You Hear Mosquitos in Your Yard

One of the easiest ways to detect mosquitoes in yards is to listen. After all, mosquitoes create a distinct buzzing sound. If you hear the trademark sound of a mosquito buzzing around your ears, there is a higher chance that your yard is cultivating a serious infestation.

At night, you might find that things are quiet enough that you can hear the faint buzz of mosquitoes flying around your yard even if they don't fly right up to you. This buzzing sound is created by female mosquitoes, which are also the ones that bite people and drink their blood. The more often you hear the sound of their buzzing wings, the higher the chance you are dealing with a mosquito infestation.

2. You Find Standing Water Around Your Lawn

However, you don't necessarily need to see or hear a mosquito to know that there is a good chance you have a mosquito control problem on your hands. One of the most common reasons people end up with mosquitoes in yards is that their yards are full of standing water.

That is the perfect environment for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. Once your infestation has developed enough that adult mosquitoes are laying eggs around your yard, it will be much more difficult to manage.

Consider taking a walk around your yard and looking for any standing water that might attract adult female mosquitoes. Sometimes, this is just water that sits on the ground.

However, just as often, you will find collections of water in objects like toys or flower pots. Bird baths can attract birds that will eat mosquitoes, but they can also provide mosquitoes with an ideal place to lay their eggs.

After you have finished walking around your yard looking for standing water, you may need to pay your roof a visit as well. The more clogged gutters are, the higher the chance that they will collect standing water that will stay around long enough for mosquitoes or ticks in yards to lay their eggs in it.

You might find that cleaning out your gutters helps you take care of your mosquito infestation and helps prevent future ones at the same time. That may prevent you from needing a mosquito or tick treatment for yards.

3. Your Lawn Provides Plenty of Shade

Mosquitoes also look for yards that offer plenty of shade. For one thing, shade increases the chance that standing water will stick around long enough for mosquitoes in yards to lay their eggs in it without it evaporating.

On top of that, mosquitoes and fleas in yards have a tendency to overheat, so they prefer areas that protect them from the heat of the Sun. If your yard combines standing water with lots of shade, there is a much higher chance you're dealing with mosquitos or fleas in yards.

At the same time, some kinds of shade are worse than others. If your shade is the result of man-made structures, then it may attract some mosquitoes. However, if your yard has a lot of shade because it is close to the woods, there is an even higher chance that you may need pest control services on your side.

4. You Have a Mosquito Problem Day and Night

One reason it can be difficult to recognize a mosquito problem is that almost anyone can encounter mosquitoes in yards late at night. Just because you hear a mosquito or get a bite at night does not mean that you have a full-blown infestation in your yard.

On the other hand, finding mosquitoes or ticks in yards during the day and night indicates a higher chance that they are using your yard to reproduce. You may need a mosquito or flea treatment for yards to resolve this problem.

5. You Keep Getting Mosquito Bites

Of course, getting a lot of mosquito bites is another strong sign that you might have an infestation in your yard. As a general rule, the more bites you have, the higher the chance you are dealing with an infestation and not just an isolated incident.

At the same time, even a single mosquito can sometimes bite someone several times. If possible, try to turn on the lights and look at any mosquitoes nearby when you notice yourself getting bit. If you notice several mosquitoes, you might have a full-blown infestation coming your way.

6. You Need to Call Pest Control Services

If you get as far as calling pest control services for mosquito treatment for yards, you will know that you have a serious mosquito problem you need help with. When you start calling up pest control companies, consider looking at their reviews to help you decide which business to hire.

Although many pest control companies offer mosquito treatment for yards, that does not mean that they make mosquito or flea treatment for yards a special focus of their work. The more experience a business has with mosquito problems in particular, the more effective its services may be for clearing out your yard infestation.

If you are worried about other pests, you might also want a service that offers tick treatment for yards.

Know the Signs of a Mosquito Infestation in Your Yard

The earlier you can detect a mosquito infection in your yard, the less you will suffer from it. We hope these signs of a mosquito infestation will help you catch your infestation early and take effective action to manage it.

To learn more about how you can find quality mosquito, tick, and flea control help for your home, contact us at The Yard Gard at any time.

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