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Image by Mikhail Vasilyev

Our Services


Organic Tick & Mosquito Control: 
We provide 7 Organic Tick & Mosquito visits which are timed out 3-4 weeks apart. Unlike any of our competitors, we treat both insects for 1 low price.
​We use natural essential oils that are safe for pets and children so that there are no concerns for harmful pesticides or toxins.


Organic Tick & Mosquito Plus:
​This program adds FOUR more applications from June-September. This is reserved for the most challenging mosquito areas here on The Cape!
Let us know if you want this cutting edge program! 
This organic program kills and repels Ticks & Mosquitoes on your entire property. During the warmer months frequency is increased in order to combat Mosquitoes more effectively. 


Ant Control:

This application consists of 6 visits timed out approximately 4 weeks apart.

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