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Frequently Asked Questions

What, Where, When, How & Why?

  • What do we do?
    We mainly provide organic solutions that control and repel ticks & mosquitoes on both residential and commercial properties.
  • Where do we provide these services?
    We provide these services only on Cape Cod Mass. Specifically, essential oils are applied around the property’s perimeter, in-ground cover, in trees, in shrubbery, and if needed in tall grasses and weeds. Basically, we think like the insects that we are treating!
  • When do we provide these services?
    We service these properties from April 1st to October 31st. Moreover, these are applied every three to four weeks with a total of seven applications for the entire season.
  • How are these applications administered?
    We use state of the art mist blower backpacks are low emission and low-noise backpack on the market today. Spraying at 181 mph helps with the efficiency and plant life adherence. This simply creates a better bond with plant life and superior results.
  • Why do you spray for ticks & mosquitoes?
    We have been doing this for a long time and know that it is the most efficient way to combat these unwanted, disease-carrying pests. We want everyone on Cape to enjoy their beautiful properties by providing peace of mind for themselves, family, and pets.
  • When do you come out?
    Our Season is from approximately April 1st through October 31st in three week intervals for our Organic Tick & Mosquito Control Program.
  • Is it safe for my kids or pets?
    Absolutely! We only use organic essential oils.
  • How many applications are there?
    The Organic Tick & Mosquito Control Program consists of nine applications. While the Organic Tick with Mosquito Plus is a total of ten applications.
  • Are that many needed?
    Yes! As we only use organic essential oils; they work very effectively for about thirty days​
  • What do you use?
    Our exact formula is proprietary however, we confidently state that we use the following essential oils: Rosemary, Geraniol, Peppermint, and Wintergreen.
  • How does it work?
    It kills on contact and then acts as a repellent.
  • Why don’t you use pesticides?
    We love Cape Cod and want to do our part to protect our fragile ecosystem here!Pesticides may never break down completely and we don’t want to endanger other wildlife or drinking water.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Light rain will not adversely affect our applications.A very heavy downpour may dilute the application, however.We typically avoid spraying before a heavy downpour is forecasted.
  • How long does the application last?
    Our applications typically last about three weeks for ticks and mosquitoes as we only use organic essential oils.
  • How long should it take for the application to be completed?
    It really depends on the size of the property.Anywhere from ten minutes (10,000 square feet) to an hour (100,000 square feet).
  • Why don’t they call ahead?
    It is important that we provide our applications timely.Through many years of being in this industry we have noticed that it is important to provide our technicians the freedom to service our clients when the frequency is called for.
  • Is your software secure?
    Yes! Our credit card processing is fully encrypted, and our website is fully secure as we have the HTTPS in our web address.
  • Are you a franchise?
    No!We are a local, family-owned business right here on Cape Cod.
  • What areas do you service?
    We only service on the Cape!We service from Woods Hole to Provincetown and everywhere in between.
  • How will we know that you were at our property?
    You will probably smell the essential oils, but we also always leave a visible door hanger.
  • How long have you been providing this service?
    The Yard Gard was founded in 2017, However John has been in the industry since 2008.
  • Is it organic?
    Yes!It even says so in the name.
  • What makes it organic?
    Our oils are not manufactured in a laboratory and they do breakdown over time.
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